*Stop Spending 
*Why CULTURE has 110,000,000 definitions
*Culture is an emergence.  Can't manage.  Can guide.
*Understand what to stop doing NOW.  

Culture = Bell Curves 1+2+3

Bell Curve #1  The Employees (the who)
The poor, the good, and the great performers.
Simple drivers, measurements, what really matters.
Camaraderie, Equity, Achievement
Helpful resources.

Bell Curve #2  The Work (the what)
anaging wasteful, simply necessary and valuable work activities.
What would the customer pay for?  Problems are good.
Real lean vs. fake lean. Useful resuources.

Bell Curve #3  The Customers  (the why)
The detractors, the passives and the promoters.
The Net PromoterTM Score, VOC, Keep it simple.
Further resources

Increase capacity while maintaining or lowering expenditures.  

Simple not complex.  Hard not easy.

The steps forward.  Where to start.  Where to stop.

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"The Culture Talk" exposes business leaders to the evidence-based drivers of successful organizational culture and removes subjectivity from the culture building process.  Your attendees will leave with their eyes wide open and a clear path to success.   
"FINALLY, someone to clarify exactly what culture is so that we can work on it without guessing.  The casual fridays and team outings weren't doing it.  This talk told us exactly how to impact culture in a positive way both as an individual and a team."
         Allen .B Seattle, WA         

   "The message makes sense for the CEO as much as it does for the front line worker.  I'm really excited about how we'll look, from a customer and employee standpoint, three years out and beyond."

     Sandra .O  Naperville, IL 

"Benie is an engaging speaker who speaks from experience in business....not as a consultant or academic.  He understands real world problems and has given us a path to continuous improvement".

        Owen B.  Lincoln, NE
Bernard Rosauer
Executive, Culture Expert
About the Speaker

Bernard Rosauer is a corporate culture expert, author and speaker with 30 years of operational leadership experience in several Fortune 500 companies and several smaller, regional firms. His groundbreaking paper "Three Bell Curves: Business Culture Decoded" has gained international attention and can be downloaded for free at www.ThreeBellCurves.com.

*The positions described with regard to any of these concepts or the work of Three Cell Curves are specifically not to be attributed to the WCRB, an organization company for which he serves as president.