Lecture #1 Introduction to Three Bell Curves 120 Minutes
Simple gets remembered
Culture – The Way Things Get Done Around Here
Culture is an Emergence
What Exactly is an Emergence?
Three Simple Ingredients: Employee, Work, Customers

Lecture #2 Bell Curve #1-The Employee 60 Minutes
Facts and Statistics Regarding Employee Engagement
Employers and Engagement Control
Changing Levels of Employee Engagement
Leadership and Employee Engagement
Employee Enthusiasm

Lecture #3 Bell Curve # 2 - The Work 60 Minutes
Work that is Necessary and Valuable
Work that is Necessary but not Valuable
Worth that is Neither Necessary Nor Valuable
LEAN Thinking – Origination and Practical Use In
Both Non-Manufacturing and Manufacturing Environments
Problems Are Good
Same Mindset Leads to Innovation/Unexpected Value

Lecture # 4 Bell Curve # 3 – The Customer, 60 Minutes
In business to Attract, Retain and Grow Customer Base
Measuring Likelihood of Referral – One Simple Question
Detractor, Passive and Promoter Customer Types/Explanation and Examples
Why Moving This Bell Curve to the Right is Most Difficult
Conclusion – Convergence and Emergence of the Three Bell Curves for a Better Culture and Better Company.
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Bernard Rosauer
Executive, Culture Expert
About the Speaker

Bernard Rosauer is a corporate culture expert, author and speaker with 30 years of operational leadership experience in several Fortune 500 companies and several smaller, regional firms. His groundbreaking paper "Three Bell Curves: Business Culture Decoded" has gained international attention and can be downloaded for free at www.ThreeBellCurves.com.

*The positions described with regard to any of these concepts or the work of Three Cell Curves are specifically not to be attributed to the WCRB, an organization company for which he serves as president.

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